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Spicy Thai Basil Beef in Under 15 minutes

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My passion is for you to discover your inner strength and realize that you are more powerful than you ever thought possible.
You can be the healthiest version of YOU!


Nutrition Meal Plans & Templates

Confused about what to eat? It is easy to be with all the media-hype of what is good for one day and NOT the next. I can help plan your meals based on what is science and not fiction. Truth be told, some of the processed foods are cooked up in the lab and could be the recipe for the next science fiction movie. I will customize you meal plan to you.

Personalized Fitness Training

Have you ever been discouraged when you watch a fitness video workout? Maybe it’s too hard or has moves you have never done before. The instructor is motivated but going so fast you can’t keep up with the correct form and you are scared you might injure yourself? Or maybe you are wanting the personal accountability because you know you will not do it on your own.  I can customized the exercises to your fitness level so that you are continually improving and reaching your goals in a safe, effective manner.

Intuitive Reading

Have you ever wondered why you are continually get the same results over and over despite trying new and different things? Everyone has blind spots that they can’t see on their own and continue to repeat the same pattern and not know how or why.  I  tune into you intuitively to discover what choices you are making that is holding you back from reaching your health and fitness goals. How show up in one area of our life affects all the rest.

I perform an intuitive reading what diagnoses how you are getting in your own way. You will learn what choices that are blocking you from reaching your goals instead of continually going nowhere.

Whether you Believe you can lose weight and be healthy or NOT, you are right. You will not make choices against your own beliefs.

Jeremy Thararoop

What Clients Are Saying...

Rana George,

Just had my first ever Akashic Records Intuitive reading by Jeremy ... And I was flabbergasted Wow wow wow just wow..if you want to get your mind blown get an Intuitive reading with is so worth it and life altering...

Rebecca Hillegeist , Atlanta, GA

“My time with Jeremy was pure joy. He gave insights into my life that confirmed so many things for me and also triggered areas I know that I still have work to do. He also acknowledged all the worked I have already completed–reminding me of how far I have come in such a short period of time. He is highly intuitive, compassionate and is able to communicate very sensitive subjects without making you feel judged. I highly recommend Jeremy–he will be able to bring clarity to areas of your life that are cloudy. Thank you Jeremy for being you and for sharing your gifts with me!”

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