Quick Vegetarian Meal: Indian Beans and Rice


  Indian Beans and Rice. Here is a quick 15 minute meal that you can make during the week.

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Why Dieting Feels So Hard For Highly Conscious Women

Depressed Overweight Woman

In this video, I take you through a process that allows you to identify the situations and triggers to emotional eating. You will learn why dieting feels hard and how to address the feelings and keep moving forward towards your health goals.

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The Death of Yo-Yo Dieting

Rest In Peace #1

You’re a pro at dieting. After all, you’ve been a lab rat for more diets that you would like to admit. You’ve counted, calories, points, fat grams, carbs, sugar, measured and weighed your food, starved yourself, spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on fat burners, weight loss pills, gym memberships, exercise equipment, and exercise…

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Accessing Your Intuition For Guidance For Abundant Health & Fitness

Athletic Woman - Stretches

You are intuitive, but are you willing to listen to your inner guidance to create your goals. In this video you, I will take you through an exercise to connect to your Higher Self and Spirit Guides to obtain accurate guidance. If you are interested in working with me further in a reading, go to…

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How to Get Rid of Stress: 2 Minute Exercise



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My 3 Day Detox Cleanse Program Review


What I Learned From the Cleanse   Be persistent and finish the things that you want to do even when it gets tough. Recognize when your diet program is hard and working versus hard and not working at all. When you need help and guidance, enlist the help of a nutrition and fitness professional to…

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